Basic Pistol Shooting Package

If you are interested in the sport of shooting and have never used a gun before this is the perfect package for you

45 min for $25

Shooting Iconic Package

Enjoy the experience of handling a unique and compact firearm

45 min for $45

AR-15 Package

When you try this rifle, everything will change. Its precision and shooting speed is unreal.

45 min for $45

12 GA. Shotgun Rental

If you want to feel power, you should try one of our semi-automatic or pump action shotguns.

45 min for $35

Rules and Regulations

Requirements for shooting:

  1. Must be 21 years old or older
  2. Driver's Licence
  3. Ammunition will not be refunded
  4. It is mandatory to sign the release of liablity

Use of shooting range

  1. 45 minutes of pistol range $20.00
  2. 45 minutes of rifle range $30.00
  3. Must use earplugs
  4. Must use eye protection

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